Six on Saturday – Regime

Saturday is flying away and I can’t keep up.  Unfortunately my usual weekend regime: dawntide 10k run followed by toasted quinoa breakfast with a quick scan of Plato’s Symposium, then a brisk hike up the Matterhorn, fitting in a visit to the local nursery on the descent and some hands on gardening when reaching home base, has meant that I have only just got around to writing my Six on Saturday.  Oh, hang on a minute, I think I might be getting myself mixed up with our guru The Dalai Propa.  My truth is that we went to Lidl and then on to ‘Spoons for a large glass of red and some chunky chips.  Never mind, I am here now.  It is Saturday and I have Six.  Which, if I have interpreted the rules correctly, is all that is required.

Strawberries is a great place to start.  Some have been munched already, which is fine.  But not by me, which is not.  I have picked a few to ripen fully indoors to foil the little slimy blighters.

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is flowering well, and not yet complaining for her pot restraints.  Obviously not blue in even the widest sense of the word, but I do love this colour, a mauvish grey perhaps?  The white stripes are also nice, but possibly indicate impending doom or nunglewurzles or even Serengeti fever.

Our shopping list today included beer, limes and donut peaches.  We came home with all of the above plus Aloysia citrodora, Lemon Verbena, and an Arts and Crafts sideboard.  These things happen.

Continuing in the herbalistic vein, is a beautifully variegated mint snuggling up to Viola ‘Molly Sanderson’.  The mint came from Mrs Bun.  It was very late on parade and we wondered if it had died “but you can’t kill mint!” we said.  Then, giggling I believe, it popped up everywhere. This is a little that was destined for the green bin.  Needless to say, it is corseted in a pot.  Its name is out there somewhere.

Now we have Glumicalyx nutans bought last year at RHS Rosemoor’s garden show.  I must hold my hand up and admit it was partly bought for its name, although I am very pleased that I did.  It is now planted by the side of the steps, so we can look up into the wonderful pendulous rusty orange flowers.

And lastly the lily that wasn’t the lily that I wanted.  It is forgiven.

All done, all dusted.  Until next time!



30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Regime

  1. These ( almost) black viola flowers are always very beautiful.
    What will you do with the lemon verbana?
    Apart from herbal teas ( fresh or dried) I have no ideas with mine. Ice cream/sorbet with blackcurrants or lemon? If you have other ideas I’m ok.

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    1. Just tea really, maybe some pot pouri (is that how you spell it?). The lady I bought it off said it may be good to deter clothes moths, so might give that a go too. Ice cream sounds good, let me know if you find a good recipe.

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  2. Lemon verbena is wonderful! I simply crush it in my fingers and breathe deeply, though you can make a herbal tea from it (personally herbal teas smell much nicer than they taste). LOVE 💜 ‘Molly Sanderson’ – she would look very nice with my paler mauves and white violas. And yes, I think you can kill mint. Mine certainly looks pretty ill – has rust! As do some of the fuchsias. Bummer… S&S, caterpillars and now rust. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

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      1. I think that you can make lemon verbena ice cream – probably a recipe out there somewhere


  3. Glumicalyx nutans. I wouldn’t have a hope of remembering that name! It has lovely flowers though and that last lily is a stunner.

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  4. I like the idea of being able to buy such a variety of things in one shop. I can understand why you forgave that lily. Like Fred, I like the black viola even though it isn’t strictly part of your six. Mine are languishing…this time last year they were flowering beautifully.


    1. They lured us in with the plants and then we spotted the beautiful oak Art and Craftsy sideboard, and the rest is history! We had been looking for one for a while and this was very reasonably priced and full of character. 🙂


  5. You had me worried there for a minute with your 10k run 😂 I have been considering Rhapsody in Blue if only for the name. And I love that little viola – I have a daughter Molly so may have to buy it for her.


    1. A perfect flower for a little girl, if you can’t find one let me know and I will try and collect seed (though I don’t know if it will come true) or Mr K says that after it has stopped flowering I should cut it back and the resulting new growth is perfect for cuttings. If I succeed one could come your way. 🙂

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  6. I think one of my “Mystery Roses” must be Rhapsody in Blue – it is very similar to yours. Also, I used to grow a black viola called “Mrs Bowles Black”. Very similar to yours. Meanwhile, I hope you have recovered from your exertions yesterday (imagined or otherwise!). Have a quiet Sunday afternoon.

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  7. Yes, the rules state that there are to be six. I did six twice, since there is no rule against doing it twice . . . yet. I notice that others sometimes do more than six, and I wanted to try that, but also did not want to get pushier than I have gotten already.


  8. That lily photo is wonderful. Do you use a camera or your phone? My own mint is very small this year & I wonder if last year’s drought did bad things to the mints of the world. Yours looks so great w/that viola, tho. When I read your shopping list, I read peach donuts & thot, now there’s an interesting idea . . . never had a donut peach – are they sweet?


    1. It is a donut that looks like someone has sat on it, vaguely donut shaped. Lovely Lidl sell them and they are delicious! I take photos on my camera, although I am not very happy with it/me at the moment, think I might have pushed a button somewhere that has changed something …….


      1. Rest assured I immediately image searched before I asked. I shall have to track some down & see if I like them.


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