The other day I was admiring a row of Lavandula angustifolia in The Buns’ garden. “I was just thinking” I said to Mrs Bun, who was troubled that I had drifted into some kind of pollen induced coma “that you can’t beat good old English lavender.”  Relieved that the body inaction was just due to brain over-action she replied “Definitely, I so agree”.  It was decided.

Today on Button Moon I wondered if I had been a little rash in pinning down my affections to just one species.  This French lavender, Lavandula stoechas, was doing its utmost to sway my opinion.  And it succeeded.

I have determined that they are both wonderful.  You don’t always have to have a favourite.  And you can always change your mind.  It is decided.

6 thoughts on “Prerogative

      1. like Acer platanoides and Platanus X acerifolia. The maple that looks like a sycamore and the sycamore that looks like a maple. or by European standards, the maple that looks like a sycamore and is know as one too, and the sycamore that looks like a maple and is known as one too.


  1. Just back from a week in the Dordogne where there was masses of lavender in the gardens. Looked like Munstead and Hidcote on steroids! Absolutely gorgeous and bees galore, Did not see stoechas anywhere despite being in France.


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