Digitalis lutea – Small Yellow Foxglove

A warm but dreary start to the day and working in the resultant fug was like swimming through treacle. Later it brightened up, blue wisp free skies, but by that point any excess energy had already been sapped.

This photo of the fabulous small yellow foxglove, Digitalis lutea, is also rather dark and definitely out of focus, but I thought if we called it “atmospheric” I might get away with it.

17 thoughts on “Digitalis lutea – Small Yellow Foxglove

  1. I have Digitalis grandiflora ‘Carillon’, a pale yellow variety, not very tall but is perennial and spreads a little. I love most foxgloves as do the bees. I will have to try lutes.


      1. I meant lutea but spell check thought otherwise!
        Are you going to see the new Cool Garden at Rosemoor?
        Hope you are not too sizzled today!

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