Due to the fact that my Mean Machine is still at the menders, I have had to walk to work for the last couple of days.  Luckily these jobs have been relatively local and the sun was shining or I might not have been quite so nonchalent.

This morning, on my trek to work, I dipped down to photograph this Kniphofia rooperi in the park.  Not a bad start to the day.


9 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Those are pretty sweet. They used to be popular, and could grow in the gardens of the old abandoned farmhouses (back when there were old abandoned farmhouses). They really should be more popular than they are, since they are so resilient here.


      1. I think they lost popularity in the Santa Clara Valley as the region became more urban from suburban or rural. They used to grow on roadsides and along unpaved driveways; generally in unrefined landscapes, or outside of landscapes.


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