Bargain Bin

A couple of months ago, on Button Moon, I was handed a couple of boxes.  These boxes contained bulbs and corms and were accompanied by a wide smile of pride.  They were several weeks out of date and had been liberated from the bargain bin.  But this was no ordinary bin.  It was a Waitrose bargain bin.  In return I offered my narrow smile of fear.

The planting times were past and they more shrivelled than ideal, but ever the obedient servant, I planted them and hoped for the best.

Purple anemones, palest lemon gladioli and crocosmia have all chortled at my concerns.  None though have been more divine than Gladiolus murielae, the Abyssinian gladiolus.  A glorious white and purple butterfly.  I never doubted you for a moment.


20 thoughts on “Bargain Bin

  1. Oh, these . . . . ‘look’ rad! Okay, so I never grew them. I wanted to because they might be perennial here, and because they were . . . . well, ‘affordable’. Okay, so they were cheap. I don’t know why they were cheap, but they were at the time; and I didn’t get any.


      1. Next time, I just might get them. Otherwise, I will always wonder what I missed. For now, I am very pleased with Gladiolus papilio that someone sent to me from Washington last year. They are more subdued in color, but quite elegant. They just might be perennial here. In western Washington, they are apparently a bit too easy to grow.


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