I’ve been a bit dippy lately. Dippier than normal.

Last Saturday I mislaid my house keys. I had been embarrassingly (to OH anyway) counting out a tonne of small change in a local cafe and forgot put them back in my purse. Luckily we were reunited without too much stress.

In the week I forgot my steel toe caps and had to struggle through the day wearing inadequate holey pumps. This was not quite as traumatic as wearing my slippers to school, but almost.
Today I forgot my bag. I noticed that the passenger seat was spookily empty approximately 5 minutes before reaching Lord and Lady Mantle’s estate. This oversight meant I had no money, no phone, no diary, no packets of seed, no multi-tool, no teabags, no stationary kit, no paper bags, no spare pair of socks, no camera, no coffee granules, no mini first aid kit, no anti-histamines, no emergency humbugs, no manky tissues, no ear phones which would have been useless without the phone anyway, no penknife, no notebook, no pen, no other pen, no pencil. Most importantly, with the prospect of imminent disaster, I had no glasses. Luckily Lady Mantle and myself wear the same size so she leant me her diamond encrusted spare pair.

I must concentrate harder.

26 thoughts on “Dippy

  1. Why the distress? You sound completely normal to me. If you think you are dippy, while at college, ergo young and presumably with a reasonable number of brain cells, I once put a packet of frozen peas in my top drawer and the box of Tampax in the freezer. πŸ™„ Cool!!


      1. I have done other dippy things in my lifetime, it was why my my father’s eyebrows went up by 2 feet when he heard that I wanted a career that involved patients. Thankfully, I was organised and efficient at work and I don’t think that any patients were harmed.
        And yes, if might be why we are friends πŸ’• Dippy Swots are great!


      1. I think in this case it was because my arms were very full and I was hurrying not to be left behind. I can definitely be absent minded though, especially if I’m deep in thought.

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  2. I rarely lose anything but on occasion, it does happen. My son, on the other hand, is a different story. Sometimes he walks around the house calling his phone and I can’t even see how he could lose in the first place. He takes it with him everywhere he goes so how can he lose it?


  3. Diamond encrusted boots! My she’s posh. You sound a bit like Mary Poppins with your big bag. You don’t carry a brolly as well do you?


  4. Sounds like you’ve been leaving your brain under the pillow! (This morning, I decided to do the weekly shop a day early as I’d run out of milk. Paid for my shopping and realised I’d not picked up milk so had to take my trolley back round the supermarket. Got home and realised I’d forgotten the other two things I’d gone for. I’m not going back for them!)


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