Good Vibrations

Yesterday I struggled with the weather, it was cold and windy and dark.  I didn’t want to play autumn’s game.  I wanted to hibernate.  Snuggle up until spring studying picture books full of adorable photos of puppies and kittens.

Today was similar, weather wise, but somehow different.  Fully base layered up (not sure where I will go from here) I shrugged off the drizzle and miserable.  Greeted by a jump jet spaniel ensured that my day started with a wide grin and a happy heart.  The company of the fabulous Mrs Bun meant that there was no turning back, my dreary mood could not persist.

Mr Bun undertook The Job of the Century and returned battle scarred and triumphant.  I was suitably impressed.  Mrs Bun laughed at his wounds.  You will be pleased to hear she has retired from the nursing profession.

This wonderful little rose did its bit too in the good vibration department.

22 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. I hope you enjoyed your tea with buns. Here, despite weather that has borne down and flattened all sorts of plants, roses seem to be going all out. Rhapsody in Blue, Love and Wishes, Peace, Prince William……..

    Now I’ll raise you a flowering Lachenalia (manky but flowering in spring, as they do!). But nothing else to brag about.



  2. Our moods are so affected by the weather and what is happening in our gardens….maybe there are two types of people…ones like us and those who are completely indoorsey sort of people. I would still rather have the lows of autumn but then enjoy the low sunlight etc when it stops raining.


  3. So pleased that your spirits were lifted, and that your good vibes returned, you can’t beat a good set of ‘thermals’ God bless Damart!


  4. Working outdoors when it’s very cold and windy – something I don’t regret, but good company and lovely flowers can greatly change your disposition!


  5. And now I’m wishing I had not been so efficient and cut back some of my roses. ‘Winchester Cathedral’ was left alone and is still going strong.
    Love your rose picture.
    Don’t think thee or me will be enjoying Saturday’s weather, definitely forecast as a hunkering down day!


  6. Your roses are going as late as ours. When you wrote this two weeks ago or so, ours were comparable, but I doubt they will do much more this late. With everyone else’s gardens so ahead of schedule, I would have expected your roses to be finishing, even two weeks ago.

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