The Great Photo Sorting Season

The Great Photo Sorting Season is now open!

When I say “open” I mean “I’ve been thinking about it without doing anything terribly constructive”.

My first delve into the recent past is a stunning Iris ensata.  This photo was taken on a July visit to Marwood Hill Gardens with my pal Deb.  If you wish to reminisce along with me check out my post Friendship.  It was a wonderful day, although I really should have written down the name of this beauty.  I will have to pop back to find out.  As anyone who knows this garden will know, it won’t be a great hardship.


10 thoughts on “The Great Photo Sorting Season

  1. Nice. Just wondering, tho, is this a continuation of the great intensive photo sort out you started a couple of years ago? Remember? The one for which you withdrew entirely from the world for months? xx

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  2. I wish I’d known there was a closed season. I find the real dross is mainly the oldest stuff and the files are tiny so you delete loads and it makes not a scrap of difference. I just give in and buy another couple of terrabytes of storage.

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    1. Just for the lazy of us! I try to label what they are, vaguely, so I can in theory find examples later. Sounds good in theory, in practice it takes a long time and involves so many decisions on which to keep (better/worse/better/worse). Some days I am in the right mood, often I’m not. 🙂


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