Whilst rejecting me, someone described my work as “niche”.  I imagine it was not meant as a compliment.  I laughed, then did my puzzled face and felt a bit sad.  My writing is me, which surely means I must also be niche.  No one had mentioned it before.  But it explains a lot.

The photo is a detail from Antony Gormley’s The Planets which circle a seating area outside The British Library.  Which is full of niche stuff.

16 thoughts on “Niche

  1. Niche.. A job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like. What’s not to like about that? I wish I’d found my niche. Don’t ever change you’re perfect just as you are!

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  2. I just love your writings, I don’t understand their use of the word ‘niche’, people are very odd. Don’t forget someone turned down the Beatles, and Fred Astaire was described by another as balding couldn’t sing but could dance a little!!!! This is just one person who probably didn’t even think his/her comment through before offering their erroneous judgement. You can rise above that idiot.

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