Home Not Alone

I have decided not to work until things sort themselves out.   I will miss the gardens.  But they will wait.  Annoying, they will probably thrive.  Perhaps more irritatingly, the sun has shone in constant sniggering glory ever since.  I will miss my friends; human, canine and feline.  But they will welcome me back when the time is right.

Today was good.  I am not expected them all to be the same.  Things got sorted, a few more stitches were made, bread was baked, washing dried, and a stroll was peaceful and reviving.   And I have counted my blessings that I am lucky in all this.  We have enough and I am not alone.

But I am not getting complacent.  The house may well get smaller over the coming weeks.

25 thoughts on “Home Not Alone

  1. It’s so ironic isn’t it that after all those months of rain, rain, rain and wind now that the sun appears and all those fabulous Cornish gardens with their magnolias and camellias beckon us we are told to #StayAtHome. Frustratingly I can also see the lovely beaches (usually quite empty at this time of year) from close to my house, but too far to walk to. Sigh…!
    Still if we get through this we will appreciate nature even more. And maybe create a kinder world.

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  2. I’ve made the same decision. It’s tough because my gardens are public. Even the private gardens I do front the streets. I pick them for that. But when I saw a picture of one of those cavernous new emergency hospitals in a sports arena, with beds all out in the open and lights glaring down, I got terrified.


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  3. Sorry that you are missing your gardens and your friends, and income no doubt. I am very grateful for my own garden and the chance to go and look at seedlings while working from home. I don’t think it makes them grow any faster but you never know. Small mercies.

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  4. I smiled when I read about you wondering if your house would become smaller in the future as the same thought has occurred to me.
    We are realising how lucky we are to be retired as we see long, heart-breaking lines of recently unemployed, mostly young people waiting to register at Centrelink. Many businesses slammed closed on Tuesday here, but it’s still allowable to get a haircut!
    I hope when this is over there will be a change in society: kinder, with less dependence on material things.


  5. We’re all in tbis together and can, I hope, derive strength from our common purpose. Our own gardens await. And the house won’t get smaller. It’s simply that the lack of exercise may result in your derision getting closer to the walls.

    At least you won’t need to bend down to the cat flap. You’ll just have to make the stuff yourself. 🐈😊


  6. I think this year I might even have a weed free garden! Some hope the celendines are popping up all over the place, but they look so glorious in this welcome sun. I’m looking forward to showing you around it, once all this is over Stay safe xx

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  7. We are all doing the right thing so that things can come right for all. I can imagine you missing all your lovely gardens and their lovely owners.
    We are missing Rosemoor and the beach but it is a small price to pay, we can work in our own garden and try to count the celandines, like Maggie!
    Stay safe and well and keep sharing your lovely photos to us, plants, projects or baking, all appreciated 💖

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  8. If you have a garden and your OH is your bestfriend then things could be worse. But missing family and friends and worrying about them is of course awful. Baking bread? Yeast is now completely unavailable. We have enough for 4 more loaves. Soon, it will be a case of ‘Let them eat cake’. Still ,we have enough loo roll for a week. And we have rhubarb leaves. Take care, dear Gill.

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