Our designated daily exercise took us up the moorland hill that looms malignly in view of our house.  In truth we skirted rather than climbed.  It was quiet, except for the exuberant birdlife, and the fresh air was soothing and much appreciated.  The wildflowers are being to shine, it is their time.  The celandine, the violets, the thorn, all beautiful.  They will be there whether or not we are there to appreciate them.  I rather like that thought.  It is all going on even if we aren’t at the party.  Fair play, I say.  Get on with it, do your thing.

Stitchwort is one of my favourite spring flowers.  I love its name and its simplicity.  Although I cared to see it, it didn’t give a fig whether I was there or not.  That is how it should be.

13 thoughts on “Stitchwort

  1. I just love your posts, so beautifully written. I could smell the air on your walk, as if I’d been their with you. Just delightful.


  2. Nature won’t take long to reclaim our homes and roads either. It’s just itching to get closer! And do you know the difference between lesser and greater stitchwort?


      1. I was wondering if you knew! I think the lesser one is smaller.

        OK gave in and went to the wildlife trusts page where it states that “Greater stitchwort has larger flowers (2-3cm across) than its relative, Lesser stitchwort (0.5-1cm across).” So best start carrying a tape measure on our walks!

        They are also knowns as ‘wedding cakes’, ‘Star-of-Bethlehem’, ‘daddy’s-shirt-buttons’ and ‘Snapdragon’ Ain’t nature grand 🙂

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      1. Yes we’re fine, here in Hampshire Dorset borders. I am one of the lucky ones with a big garden that I love. and a big freezer! Please stay safe we need you and your lovely posts, (How selfish is that!!).


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