Six on Saturday – Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?  No, I’m afraid we’re not.  Hunker down chaps, we’ll get there in the end.  No problem, all this self-isolating gives us plenty of time for Six on Saturdaying.  Except I couldn’t fit it in yesterday.  So here I am, the crack of dawn, trying to get it sorted.  I seem to be in a bit of lull gardenwise at the moment.  The tulips are just hanging there, reluctant to colour, the herbaceous stuff is beginning to show a leg but nothing too dramatic.  Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.  I remember last year thinking I should do something about filling this gap.  Next year I will definitely do something about filling this gap.  However I managed to rustle together a meagre six and if you wish to see what the rest of the gang are up to pop on over to the great Marvello Propello‘s blog.  Let us get on, soon OH will be serving me my lightly boiled egg with marmite soldiers.

First of all we have a self-seeded primula, crammed into a gap in a low drystone wall.  It has obviously had an interesting life; scarred, battered and bruised from run-ins with mollusc and cold winds.  However, in the spring sunshine it looks most fetching.  Perfect is so last year.

Next we have Lilium ‘Forever Linda’ which had been tucked around the corner in the “resting” area for out of work plants.  It took me by surprise as to how close to flowering it is.  It is ear-marked to be planted out in the garden today.  Whether that talk will become the walk is debateable.

I love dandelions.  They are great for pollinators and telling the time.  The other day I saw a lady acting rather suspiciously on a patch of rough ground not far from our house.  As I passed by, she gave me a wry smile and I realised she was picking dandelion leaves, perhaps for her guinea pig or rabbit, or perhaps for a salad for herself.  Dandelions are great.  They may or may not make you wee the bed, clinical trials underway.

For the past two weeks “COME ON PEGGY!” has been periodically shouted at a nondescript pot of compost residing in my dining room.  I potted up all my dahlias a couple of weeks ago and they are now sitting in the pathetic plastic greenhouse, hopefully thinking about some action.  This one had special treatment, bought into the warm of the house.  It is the dahlia I named after my mum.  The full story is here: It is All in the Name.  Eventually, as you can see, she listened to my pleadings.  That’s a first. (not really)

A couple of years ago I sowed some Lathyrus aurea and some Laythrus vernus.  Then all the labels fell off/broke in half/rubbed off/didn’t exist in the first place.  Since then I have been waiting for one to flower so I know which is which.  And here it is.  The first flower of Laythrus vernus.  And very lovely it is too!

Lastly, we have the magnificent barnets of Muscari ‘Mount Hood’, although a few seem to have lost their wigs.  This year I have become a grape hyacinth fan, I will definitely be trying more varieties in the future.  More plants, that is what we need!

Take care and be safe my friends, ’til next time.

46 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Are we there yet?

  1. I’ve got almost the same muscari but not completely in bloom yet. They are gorgeous aren’t they?! It’s Dandelion time , my field is full of them and my mission this weekend is to succeed in taking a bee/dandelion close up.

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  2. Seems I need to go out and shout encouragement to my Dahlias then, none are doing anything, inside or out. Chocolate Cosmos is though, without a talking to. I love that you can enthuse about dandelions without even a hint of ‘but’. I can’t and I don’t. Love that Muscari, it’s one a week onto my wanted list at the moment.

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  3. I got a handful of muscari as a free gift w/some order of other & they’re a bit varied. I think your Mt Hood are amongst them, so now I can call them by name. Dandelion ‘greens’ were commonly eaten up the holler when I grew up. I love their sunny flowers, but then get annoyed when they go to seed, little blighters. Your primrose is brave & beautiful. Lovely place for it to grow. Good luck w/your lily & dahlias. Go Peggy Go!

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  4. ‘Mount Hood’ is lovely. Another one for next year’s list. I am a big fan of Muscari and they seem to do OK here. And I am glad I am not the only one talking to plants. 😁 Perhaps you need some narcissi to fill the gap? Mine have certainly done that for me this year and still they keep on coming.

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    1. I am also loving muscari this year. I don’t know what changed my mind – actually I think I do. A friend bought me a jug with some planted in, and when they flowered (indoors) they were the most beautiful pearly white. I shall also be seeking out more varieties next year. Stay safe.

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  5. Your flower of Laythrus vernus is so pretty – obviously well-worth waiting for. I’m a muscari fan too, I had to lift mine last year to divide them. Dried and stored them (first attempt) so I was really surprised to see them popping up this year.

    It does look as though that lily is going to flower – very early.

    You did very well with your Six…I know I wouldn’t have been up at the crack of dawn…I’d have asked for the day off. 😁 Hope you enjoyed your lightly boiled egg with marmite soldiers!

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    1. They do tend to get on with it on their own and make us look redundant, don’t they? My garden is a state, but slowly getting back on top of it. Hope the green bin men keep coming for a while yet, I’ve no room for much composting.


  6. I like your muscari, they are more interesting than the normal blue haemorrhoids. my greenhouse dahlias have started to shoot, well one of them has, but no sign of the garden ones. early yet, mind.

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  7. Love that muscari – needs to go on my list too. Glad you mentioned about the dandelions – I have to admit that only this morning I was looking back at an old book to see what I could do with ours. Answer (from Richard Mabey): Pissenlit en lard (which Fred will know well!). Small pieces of crispy fried bacon served hot on a dandelion salad base, dressed with vinegar, bacon fat and seasoning. I’m not sure … and ‘go, Peggy, go!’

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