Today is shopping day, and for the past 4 weeks I have greeted it with trepidation.  Shopping is not my job usually.  As OH is on the endangered species list, now I do it.   Quite why I feel nervous is hard to say.  Generally it is had been a well-ordered affair.  Perhaps that is why.  I am not well ordered, it is not my natural state, but I realise that this is the way it has to be.  So when someone goes the wrong way on the one-way system, or encroaches into my space, or I see young fit people shopping in pairs, it makes me anxious.  Not because I am worried about my health, or indeed OH’s, but because these people are ignoring the rules.  Generally I am no fan of rules, but these particular ones are in place to protect us.  Does this flouting indicate arrogance, stupidity, ignorance or absentmindedness?  Or am I becoming intolerant?  Or perhaps a little paranoid?  Hard to say.

Thanks for the inspiration Kevin.

23 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. It’s so much worse for you over there than it is here. I feel quite privileged to be able to carry on my life much as usual, except for spending time with family and friends. We have been doing our shopping once a week, and it’s quite a civilised event.
    Stay safe.

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  2. I have been a rule maker etc….I don’t feel any problem following rules. They are clear and simple so I don’t understand why people are not following them. I don’t get too agitated though. Like Chris Mousseau I try to stay calm and carry on.

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  3. I would add selfishness and lack of empathy to your list. The more that everyone keeps to the rules the sooner the virus will have fewer to infect and the sooner restrictions can start to be lifted. Simples. You are neither intolerant nor paranoid. You are doing your best to help everyone stay safe.

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  4. Everything you mentioned happened to me this afternoon at ASDA. Why are they allowing couples to shop together? They walk side by side so you can’t get past. All very stressful. I shall stick to my much smaller supermarket in future.

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      1. Young parents are bad too when out walking with their kids / pushchairs, they walk side by side and seem to have no idea about keeping their distance. Perhaps they simply think it won’t happen to them.

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  5. Not only young people ignoring the rules – my neighbour opposite – who lives alone – has started walking for exercise with someone who does not live in her house, and this morning invited another elderly person inside – both walking very close together. Hubbie and I go drive for shopping together, but I stay in the car while he shops, yet I’ve seen another older couple go in together – though this week they each took a trolley! What’s so difficult to understand?

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  6. Same here, wearing a mask (which I detest, having perpetual sinus issues) shopping is a dreary experience and I don’t like the produce other people pick for me. Or the people going the wrong way, etc.. Comforting to hear this is a global experience, though. Joys of blogging.

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  7. As I am shielding an extremely vulnerable person, I don’t have the shopping experience and everyone around here is abiding by the rules so in a way I am lucky. The introduction of masks should be made compulsory, as your experience and all your followers shows they will not listen.
    I feel you could walk with one friend, so long as you social distance but this for me is just so that I would feel safe taking a longer field and lane walk from home . Missing Dartmoor a lot!

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