I eventually made it to Marwood Hill Gardens.  This was after a well-documented previous attempt, which ended in misery and heart-break.  For those of you who missed this sorry tale, or would like to practice their schadenfreude technique, here it is again – Moaning Minnie – Part Two.

It was worth the wait.  Oh, it was definitely worth it.  The gardens are of course closed at the moment.  Which of course doesn’t mean work has stopped.  Working at appropriate distances, the bog garden was being cleared of invasive watercress, led by the never-knowingly-resting Malcolm.  The remaining 20 acres was free from human intruder.  That is until, armed with notepad and camera, I strode off to disturb the peace.  Unaccompanied, I wandered at will.  I dawdled, I took paths at a whim, I scuttled off grid, I sat, I considered and I smiled a great deal.  It was sheer bliss.  As always it was a magical place, made all the more so as I was liberty to do as I pleased.  Within reason of course.  You never know, there might have been a few sneaky CCTV cameras hidden within the lofty boughs of those champion trees.  I enjoy walking around gardens with friends, chatting about what we come across and a whole lot more, in fact I love it.  But this was different.  It was a private experience, meditative almost.  And it was a massive treat, and one with a great big shiny red cherry on top.

Although for the moment you aren’t able to visit the gardens, there is a glimmer of silver in this coronavirus cloud.   The Walled Garden Nursery has begun an on-line serve.  For those in easy driving distance, there is a Click and Collect scheme.  Those of you further afield courier deliveries are available.  Sorry to burden you with this temptation, but really, there is no hard in taking a quick look …..

13 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Do, please, send a link when your article goes online (it will, yes?). And I did look at the walled place. I shall henceforth refer to you as Salome. I hope you will get some reward once I cut into the safe containing my bits of plastic.

    Surprise hint 😊! Saturday is coming. The Kraken is stirring in the depths.

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  2. What a wonderful treat, it must have been heavenly. I haven’t bought a single plant this year or even stolen any cuttings which is unheard of in all my long years of gardening. I usually never leave the house without coming home with something. I know you can buy on line but but it’s just not the same as seeking plants out and after long contemplation picking the best shaped and healthiest plant. And then the serendipity of finding something rare and gorgeous when you weren’t expecting it. Looking at gardens, nursery visiting are the things I miss most, apart from missing family and friends.

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