Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

I’ve had camera problems for several weeks. My Canon work companion had been abused too many times and was, quite understandably, complaining. Close encounters with mud, rain, dust, compost heaps and concrete is not good for any camera’s health. The lens had been scratched and the internal and external workings had become a little sluggish. It is possible that I am on a list concerning camera treatment. I seem to make a habit of this kind of cruelty; some of you might remember the Lord Mantle in the Pond and the Nasty Nettles incidents.

No time for sentimentality here. Mr Defunct was cast aside; a new model ordered. It arrived last week, with a little controversy in tow, being left outside the front door by the courier during a four hour torrential downpour. At the wrong house. Perhaps he thought he would do it a favour by getting it used to the life it was to expect with its new owner. Luckily it seems to be none the worse for this stormy arrival. Starting how it means to go on.

13 thoughts on “Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

  1. What?!!! Totally unforgivably shoddy service by the courier. Do they expect the consignee to do their job for them? At the very least, I would have expected them to unwrap the item and take the packaging away for recycling!

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  2. Was this the cause of your ennuie? Sometimes it is better just not to think about it, and wake up and take pictures of roses instead? Lovely picture and good lighting too.

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  3. That is one amazing looking rose, but I shall not be tempted. I have black spot worse than ever this year. Organic gardening sometimes sucks…………I think I’ve tried everything, but it comes back each & every year. Any suggestions anyone? If I could solve this problem,
    Rhapsody in Blue, would definitely be on my wish list. Lovely photo………Anne

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    1. We don’t always have 100% victories and the warm and wet is ideal for blackspot. All I can say is pick off the infected leaves and stems and clear up underneath and give a good balanced feed. Have you tried a garlic spray? Thank you πŸ™‚


  4. We have it at the station and it sometimes gets a tiny bit of the dreaded black spot nothing like the roses in my garden 2/4 are moving to my daughters garden, they may benefit away from me!


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