This morning I had a haircut, the first since lockdown. It was a bizarre affair, with masks and visors and trepidation. My lovely hairdresser did her upmost to tame my barnet and sent me, newly coiffured, off to The Mantle’s Estate. Standing in front of Their ‘Ships I waited for their opinions. Her Ladyship said all the right things. His Lordship was less than convincing, even though I believe he had practiced. He gets a point for effort.

Their hydrangea far outshone my new, marginally less wild, look. Best to dwell on the truly beautiful.

30 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. That’s brave of you. I’ve been cutting my own. It looks quite neat and short but the Pianist said I look like a lady vicar. I don’t know which lady vicar he has in mind but I don’t think he meant it as a compliment.

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      1. I don’t think he was thinking of Dawn French. I just asked him. He has this theory that lady vicars always have ugly, really unbecoming hairstyles because they want to look earnest and spiritual rather than attractive. Obviously I feel quite crushed.

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  2. All my life I have looked over the fence as it were to the lovely hydrangeas (curly hair), now my standard hydrangea (very straight hair) feels quite OK, long and straight just gets a little longer. You could show us your haircut with your face covered with one of those lovely hydrangea heads, and Anne would feel happy!

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  3. I really REALLY need a serious trim, but… haven’t mustered up the courage to actually call and make an appointment. Of even greater concern, actually, is the dentist because I am due for my every-four-months cleaning.

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