My words have failed me at the moment. I’ve had a little shufty about and still nothing. I’m sure they’ll come back, they usually do.

Instead I am all action. Just like this ladybird patrolling the sturdy pillar of a cardoon; ever vigilant for aphid infestation and a bit of lunch.

For your information: Greenfly are not my snack of choice, though feel free to send twiglets.

4 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Anti-clockwise. Something is wrong. Anyways and in the meantime, here’s a wish to you: May your words return in abundance. I do like a well-formed wordy tale to distract me from too much doing!

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  2. Beautiful ladybird, we don’t see any around here, such a shame.
    Words will return, in the meantime all lovely photos are appreciated.

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