I am hopeless at defending myself. I am the submissive, roll over on my back with my legs in the air, type. However, when it comes to my own, it is a quite different matter. Yesterday, I found out that some (I am struggling to find an adjective adequate enough to describe them, so please feel free to fill in your own special word at this point) ……… person had attempted to defraud my Mum. I was very angry. I am still very angry. It is now sorted, thanks to my brother and the bank. There is no excuse for this vile practice and I want revenge. Quite stupidly of course, as it would do no good. But still I am very angry.

My Mum is quite alright, because she is a strong woman. Although a little daft on ocassion. I like to think I take after her.

20 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Please spare us any encounter with your sexual proclivities. (Sorry). But whilst you may take after Peggy’s lighter side, I guess she’s not someone to meet in a dark alley! It’s good that she had family to call on but i guess she’s already singing “bring it on” songs. All power to her. I hope some of that power will rub off on you….. One day! xx

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  2. OMG Nasty people, your Mum is probably a trusting soul, is that ‘daft’ I don’t think so, and I’m sure you take after her! So pleased that the situation has been resolved.

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  3. Well done for finding such a lovely calming photo. Pleased to hear all is now resolved for your mum. One of the ladies that I’m looking after during this period, has just had a whole week of scam calls from someone pretending to be her bank to claiming to be the police! It’s left her in a dreadful state 😠 There are some horrible people out there, thank heavens for people like you xxx

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  4. So sorry to here this. There are several scams doing the rounds by us too (as well as a gang going round targetting dogs to the extent of trying to pull one from a child’s arms). It does make me think what could these people achieve if only they put their considerable skills to a legitimate use? But it’s not acceptable behaviour to target people in this way. Neither the Tax Office, the Vehicle Licensing Agency, or a Summons to Jury Service will ever ask for payment or contact you by email or text (UK).


  5. My mum would have faced the devil to defend her children, in her later years we were all there for her – that’s the way it works. I’m glad you and your brother were there for your mum; anger in time subsides.

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