Six on Saturday – Greatest Hits

This week, in the pretence of treating you to some joy at this festive time but in reality is because it is tipping with rain and I am in a grump, I will be presenting to you lovely folk six happy recollections of the year past. Whether or not this is permitted, perhaps an addendum in the tome that is the Six on Saturday rule book, quite frankly my dear etc etc. Please feel free to pop over to see what the generally law abiding SoS elves have been up to and if our very own Santa Prop has got his gardening mojo back. Let’s get this party started.

In the eye of the storm I managed two visits to RHS Rosemoor in the space of week. They were both joyful events. This photo is not staged. At the time I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am still undecided.

In February, when we were all still innocents, we had an amazing few days in London. Always on the lookout for the green, on the banks of the Thames I spied some valiant lichen and evidence of a passing angel.

This picture always makes me happy. It is the seedling of, what I believe is, a lesser spotted orchid which has made its home in the furry arms of a large fern at Westwell Hall. And why wouldn’t you?

Onto a green variegated zantedeschia, donated by Mrs Bun to Max. It is always good to share, especially a plant which sounds so unlikely to be beautiful, and never fails to prove you wrong.

My cosmos were rubbish this year. Nancy Nightingale’s were wonderful. More than wonderful.

In August, as a birthday treat, Hero whisked me off in her campervan. After visiting Atlantic Botanic and a delicious picnic, we went for a walk on Braunton Burrows. I spent much of the time with my head down, marvelling at the wildflowers, including this little echium, growing in almost pure sand. A memorable day.

And to finish (and yes, I can count but refuse to cull any of the above photos, so stuff that in your pipe and smoke it) three doves. They are the symbol of peace and hope and of course love. Which is exactly what I wish for you all.

38 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Greatest Hits

  1. Looking at the first photo with this mask hanging on the kniphofia gave me an idea for my next Six. I’ll see if I manage to put it into action…
    What a sky blue colour of the last photo with the 3 doves! Stunning..
    I hope this is a sign of hope for 2021… A merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

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  2. I think the selection of favourite photographs is a great idea and will run with it next week – imitation being the greatest form of flattery!

    As to the spotted leaf – Common Spotted Orchid, I think. Dactylorhiza fuchsii subsp fuchsii.

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  3. That was a cheering Six. Crikey, I’d forgotten about my trips to London last February. Seems years ago. I took my parents to Rosemoor back in 2017 I think. Loved it (though the drive there was filled with wrong turnings and cursings at the sat nav (because it was obviously the sat nav’s fault). Have a safe and Happy Christmas.

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  4. The first photo would make me cry if I saw it for real. I loathe masks. Even pretty ones. I refuse to buy pretty ones because I don’t want to be wearing them for much longer. But then someone on the TV said he thought we would still be wearing them until next autumn. At least. And that made me want to cry too.
    Anyway enough.
    Glad you found six or was it seven? things to talk about. The doves are sweet. Let’s hope next year is too. In the meantime I am sending you seasonal greetings and good cheer 🥂

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  5. Your beautiful doves strike a lovely “Peace, love, hope and good health” to you Sis, and maybe Jon will allow an amount of democratic choice amongst us SOS, and best of is a good way to go, if there is no other choice. Enjoy your day with your nearest and dearest.

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  6. What a year and plants have been our saviours! I have probably mentioned it before but wild echium or Vipers Bugloss is one of my very favourite plants – Derek Jarman loved it too! Merry Christmas and here’s to less to be grumpy about next year.

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  7. Yours are the most artistic that I have seen so far today; especially the first and last. They remind me of good old fashioned photography, back when we put more work into it, and ‘film’ was a commodity.

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  8. Fabulous photos all of them, most especially the zantedeschia, like a huge green Rolling Stones tongue – showing my age here! Peace to you this Christmas, and above all, stay well. x

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