In Between

It is a strange time, this in between period, a weird festive void. Christmas has gone, but the decorations are still up, although beginning to irritate a little. New Year is not quite here, but tantalisingly close. I’m in Limboland and eager to move up the line to Clean Slate Town.

Still, as we all know, you can’t hurry love. Here is a tree graveyard. That’ll cheer us all up.

22 thoughts on “In Between

  1. Ever the optimist! We don’t have any decorations up (unless you count the lights on my bannister which are up all year, but only switched on during the dark winter months) so nothing to irritate us other than the weather! Stay positive, test negative!

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  2. Loved the trees, I live on the borders of the New Forest, and often travel into the woodland, a common sight round here. This is definitely a sort of Limbo time and I agree re the decorations beginning to annoy! Happy new year to you and yours.

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  3. Well there was my birthday! Not sure I like this time either..from about 1 December to 2 January! I would like to be like Heyjude, but the pressure to conform seems too great. I love Welsh slate and have a few blanks lying around. I steer clear of the decorated stuff. Happy New Year Sis.

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