Six on Saturday – All The Fun of the Fair

Outside the wind is shrieking like the waltzers and I’m fed up of spinning now. It has been a week of sadness and some pain. A dear friend died, leaving another dear friend broken hearted. And I have hurt my back. It is obvious which is the most important. I wonder if I will ever learn that somethings can’t be fixed by force, but only by time. I suspect I will keep trying.

An addiction to Six on Saturday is a sometime blessing and occasional curse, but for your delectation I struggled outside into the demon fairground to take some shots. For those of you unacquainted with SoS, and question what could inspire such noble devotion, nip over and introduce yourself to the legend that is The Propagator. You will not only uncover the intricacies of this cult but also those of his many sycophants. Chop, chop, let’s shake a leg!

First, we have a hellebore that was so desperate to be photographed it held its head uncharacteristically high, meaning no bending was necessary for the photograph. After all that effort, it would be contrary to resist. My aching back thanks its thoughtfulness.

Next, stripy crocus, shaming the under-performing violas they co-habit with. I am not surprised about the violas’ frankly disappointing show, the exact same happens every year and every year I despair. And then, just before I am poised to replace them, my trowel in vengeance mode, they go on hyper-drive and become irresistible. Each year I am fooled. There is nothing to suggest that this will not be repeated ad infinitum.

Less of the seasonal, onto the misguided. Here we have Lavandula pinnata, which has been popping out the odd flower since autumn. Respect.

Now we have a grumpy lion, a bench-end valiantly holding together a rickety seat. I am a Leo and sometimes a grumpy lion. It is all about empathy. A bench is good place to start.

Earlier in the week I started the rose pruning, perhaps a little late as they have already sprung into action. When I say “start” it is not because I am the proud owner of acreage of floribunda, but because there is a climbing rose that needs some serious reformative pruning. The green bin is now full, and my hands pin cushions, despite protective gloves. It was time for a break. This is Rosa ‘Peace’, as identified by SoSers, and is rather further forward than the others. This little shoot had a reprieve, to keep up the good work.

Whilst pruning, during several diversions, I investigated whether Molly the Witch had begun her journey. I ripped away the surrounding mass of damp crocosmia foliage, like some horti archaeologist, and low and behold there she was, Paeonia mlokosewkitschii (not an anagram). Perhaps a flower this year?

All done, six in the bag. Hope all is well on your planets. ‘Til next time.

50 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – All The Fun of the Fair

  1. Sorry you’ve had a tough week, gardens can be a welcome distraction at times.

    That is a very obliging Hellebore – mine are all so much meeker in disposition! Rose pruning can be a painful task. I managed to partially cut my finger (along with a rose stem) this week. Thankfully, the rose stem was completely severed, but my finger was not.

    Beautiful photo of the Crocus 🙂

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  2. Now I’m wet!
    Having just read your six on Saturday and seen your Molly the Witch, I rushed outside (still in my dressing gown) to see if mine was showing any signs of life. Hooray! It is. However, like you, I’m still waiting for mine to flower. Yours will probably flower it’s socks off…..after you’ve moved. Perhaps you’d better stay 😁

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  3. 🤣 No! It’s a huge fluffy pinkish affair and I’m afraid my neighbours often see me in it, weeding or moving things in the early hours of the morning 😁

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  4. Sorry to hear of your friend’s death. We have had two similar deaths among friends and it is all made the worse by our lack of freedom to visit or attend the funeral; a very difficult time for families.

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  5. I must get me some stripy crocus and that hellebore is a beaut. Most of my violas are looking very sorry for themselves. I hope they are just biding their time and will leave into action come spring. So sorry to hear about your friend and I hope your back is feeling better soon.

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  6. Mind your back, a chara. In grand scheme of things, tis mighty important. I’ve cricked my neck, so shall we hobble along together awhile?
    I shall follow your Peaonia with interest. I’ve planted two before Christmas. I’m told they can be slow to et going.
    My sympathies to you on the loss of your dear friend.

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  7. We can hobble along together as I managed to twist my back this morning and I wasn’t even carrying anything! A pretty hellebore. I have a pink one coming to flower, not as pretty as yours, and my whites are still in bud and I should have a greenish one which is hiding so far. So sorry to hear about your friends, so hard to comfort people at the moment when we can’t visit.

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  8. Sorry to hear the sad news about your friend. May your back recover quickly so you can bend to take photos of all the other less thoughtful hellebores. That thoughtful one is a beauty, and the stripy crocus are quite funky.

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  9. What a week it has been for you. I am sorry that you have lost a friend, and have another very sad friend. Yes the crocus has it for me this week. Maybe some gentle bending may ease your back as in Pilates, but heck its not my back, so that care, Sis.

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  10. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It’s a sad time for you. I’m tempted to buy a ‘Molly the Witch’ and am hoping you do get a flower this year. Lovely closeups of the hellebore and crocus too.


  11. I am sorry to hear about your friend and your sad friend. These are strange days, when all you can do is phone and mail? A long distance hug to you. I am intrigued by Molly the Witch, having never grown a Peony!


    1. Thank you. This is the first peony I have grown in my own garden, it was a gift from another virtual friend who had grown it from seed. It is quite special so I don’t really mind if it doesn’t flower this year, although if it did ……. 🙂 Hope all good with you x

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  12. Loving the stripy crocus…I’ve given up growing them here. My violas were disappointing in Spring too and I’ve no idea why. It couldn’t have been lack of rain….
    I’m sorry to hear about your friend. You have a lot to deal with just now with moving house as well. Sending you warm thoughts from Australia.

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  13. Sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad week. I unaccountably missed your post yesterday but luckily I found it this evening. That’s a super hellebore and a love the striped crocus. I hope your Molly flowers. It’s a plant I would love to add to my garden and I did try once but it didn’t survive.

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  14. Oh, it sounds like a terrible week. So sorry – but you haven’t lost your sense of humour even if your back is playing up! Wish I was as stalwart. That hellebore is a luscious colour – as you say, demanding to be photographed. Not suprised you eagerly anticipate Molly – she’s a stunner and I look forward to seeing her in full flower.

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  15. I am so sorry to hear of a dear friend’s passing. I lost a very dear friend a while back and it made me rethink and reevaluate the importance of the small things in life.

    BAcks … sigh. They do take time to heal. I know only too well the yanking up of a stubborn weed can break havoc.

    I love the spirited Lavandula pinnata. NAture is amazing

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