Time is relative, apparently. To be honest, I am not sure I understand the intricacies of this statement. I nonchalantly fling these soundbites around with the bravado of a kinematic specialist. Which I am not. I am a gardener and I wing that most of the time. Except if you happen to be a present or potential client, to whom I confirm I am all knowing and glorious. What I do know is that spring has been a long time coming. Even longer than usual. Now that it has eventually arrived, it has proved to be everything I hoped for, perhaps even more. I would much appreciate it if the management could arrange a slowing down of time now. All the better for appreciating and even wallowing in the glory of this season of all seasons. Anyone know who I should write to?

15 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. So you’ve read the “Bluffer’s Guide to Horticulture” and are able to wing it in a knowledgeable way? That’s good enough, given the state of my carefully tended borders after a week of running around after fencing guys screaming “Watch my plants”! At least they complied, watching them closely as they trampled them into nothingness. And they’ve got another week to go! Hence my even blanker blank canvas. And don’t ask about the lawn I used to have.

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