Bobbie, In Memorium

It has been a time of challenges. Can this be said too often? Turn off now if you think so. A’top of my own challenges, no worse and undoubtedly far less than many, there have recently been various sadnesses. On their own they would have been tricky, but added to the pile they seem to sting a little more spitefully.

Far more than a meagre sting, was to hear yesterday that my great canine friend and garden helper, Bobbie, has passed over to the great running field in the sky. In the few weeks since moving to Cheshire, a sudden and devastating illness proved too much for her. You do not need to hear about my tears, they are really inconsequential. I am pleased that I did not have to suffer her rapid decline and I consider myself honoured to remember her in her full crazy prime and that is how she will stay in my heart. If you are of the mind “but she was just a dog” then you may also switch off now, you are not needed here.

Mr and Mrs Bun have had sadness in their lives and have turned this pain into positivity, sharing their home with people who needed respite from their troubles. I have seen Bobbie, asking no reward, give unconditional love to these strangers. I have seen smiles on weary faces, a glimmer of hope where perhaps there had been none. I have seen people who were scared or dismissive of dogs, welcome her attention, indeed encourage it. Bobbie was special, a healing treasure. She was joyous and I never saw anything but love in those irresistible eyes. And perhaps a little mischief. Ok, a lot of mischief. Which makes it all the better.

There is a big hole in The Buns’ home at the moment and I send love to them. And I thank them for sharing just a little bit of their cucumber-stealing, apple-eating, chicken-guarding, hedge-living, ever-wandering, lovely girl by the name of Bobsie. One in a trillion. You should be very proud.

34 thoughts on “Bobbie, In Memorium

  1. I haven’t had a dog (or cat) for years, but they do become part of the family and it is entirely natural to mourn their passing. Perhaps one reason I haven’t got another one. Sending you hugs (( )) 😥

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    1. It is one of the reasons we haven’t had another since Murphy, although I would definitely have another. When we move I hope we shall get another cat. So hard when anything’ happens to them though.


      1. We didn’t get any pets as we liked travelling, but that’s declined over the last few years for one thing and another. The OH isn’t keen on a dog, but maybe a couple of cats eventually.

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  2. I still mourn my Asher, gone from his favorite snoozing spot for well over 2 years. We grieve our pets because we love them. Their lives are worth honoring and remembering.

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  3. Support you and the Buns . Many animals are far better friends than many people. Fortunately my mate Coco, who is a 13 year old ridgeback cross is still with us. Slower but still hungry

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  4. Yes, dogs can be very dear members of the household. Our darling Sid had to be put down despite valiant and honorable service to the nation as he made yet one more attempt to rid the world of joggers.

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  5. Such a lovely photo of Bobbie. I think that’s why dogs are so special in my heart, they ask for nothing but give so much. It’s right and proper that we grieve for them as a loved one. Sending hugs to you and Mr & Mrs Bun xxx

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  6. Oh, I could not read this, but did anyway. It seemed wrong to just pass it over. Rhody now looks quizzically concerned. I would say that I know how it is, but I know that I do not. Everyone is so special in their own special way.

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  7. Oh gosh, sad times, and just thinking of your loss has brought a tear. We lost our beloved dog and we continue to mourn her, I bet when I tell Mr S about Bobbie, his eyes will water. Condolences to you and to the Buns.

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