Two Gardens and a Little Shopping

Today, in Creigiau, two gardens were open for the National Garden Scheme. It would have been rude not to take a look. Normally, so I am told, it would have been more that two, but we live in challenging times and we were quite happy with a brace of beauties. I’m sure there will be new opportunities in the future. It was a prime opportunity to meet some like minded people and nose about other peoples’ gardens, what could be better on a mizzly day in June? And we were not disappointed.

Both gardens were beautiful, in quite different ways, which is always the best way. It means that individual personalities are coming to the fore, people expressing themselves through their gardens and not toeing the horti-media line. There were of course similarities, astrantia and salvias were popular in both, and of course roses. There were some wonderful planting combinations, inspiration and templates to consider. And, perhaps most importantly, we were welcomed with warmth and wide smiles. Then we went to the pub for a pint and a bag of crisps. Does it get any better than that?

And yes, of course I did.

15 thoughts on “Two Gardens and a Little Shopping

  1. So lovely to hear that you’re making inroads to the Welsh garden scene 🤗. We too visited an Open Garden and came home with seeds and plants and a rosy glow 👍. And…. our Angels (Diorama) are coming into flower – thank you for the seeds!

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  2. There’s a pattern here. Are gardens near a pub? Check! Visit gardens. Would be rude not to also visit the pub to check out the garden (beer). And even more rude not to purchase something whilst visiting. I commend your support for open gardens. Hail Caesar, I guess.

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