I believe there is an official point when mist becomes fog or fog becomes mist. Not a vague guestimate like when a courgette becomes a marrow or novella a novel; something scientific. It is possibly to do with how far you can see. If I were a deceptive soul I would look it up and pretend I knew, but I am not and I don’t. I am also feeling too lazy to do any research, although I do realise that it would take seconds to do so. It seems I am not such a good gal after all. What has fog/mist mist/fog got to do with anything, you may well ask? The answer is, it is how the day began and how it continued.

After lunch I decided to go for a walk. “Would you like me to come with you?” OH asked over his newspaper. “No thanks” I replied. Which might seem a little bit mean of me. It is not that I don’t like walking with him, it is just that when we do it is necessary to compromise our own personnal styles. Me: Brisk, then very slow when examining a dry stone wall or taking a photo of a tri-coloured bramble leaf, often tempted to leave the path, wandering into unchartered (by us) territory usually shouting behind “I think I know where this track might come out”. Him: Steady Eddy, likes a known route, sighs quite a lot.

Unhindered by disapproval I headed out for the village church and graveyard. Perfect atmospheric conditions. On the way was diverted a little and by the time I got there the mist/fog had cleared and the sun was shining. Still, I wandered and took photos and read stones and wondered about the residents. Then I realised I had dropped my phone. Luckily it was just a few steps away, face down in the grass. I really don’t deserve nice things. I brushed it off, and replaced it in my pocket.

On the way back home, I took a new faint path through some rough ground and to my amazement I found a Magic Tree. I was pleased to see signs of a pallet tree house and took photos from all angles. When I looked at them later I realised that I hadn’t dried off my phone very well and the resultant pictures were blurry in part. Or, as I like to put it, very atmospheric.

5 thoughts on “Atmospheric

  1. Hope all’s well with you two and hope you keep blogging. Chambercombe handover is not yet finalised so not sure if I’ll be wanted yet!! Will keep you posted. Merry Christmas and hope for a better 2022.

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  2. I am completely with you as regards walks. It is the same with cycling. “Just how many fern shapes can there be?” but I also like walks with my DH. I love an adventure, and I wish you many interesting finds such as that very branchy tree. There are some fab trees in Wales, but you know that already.

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