Six on Saturday – Acclimatised

For me, Friday is SoS photography day. Yesterday the weather was grim. Valiantly I ventured forth and took my shots, which turned out to be just as grim as the weather. Today it is sunny with yellow threat of wind starting, according to the Met Office, in approximately forty three minutes. I refuse to go back outside to try again. I don’t care what you think. Actually I do. I will have to be especially poetic to gain your respect. I have given up trying to impress Svengali Prop he is a hard taskmaster. Let’s shake a leg, I have hatches to be battened.

First, we have the errant Anna, Helleborus x hybridus ‘Anna’s Red’, who has eventually turned up to the party. Fashionably late, perhaps? Just getting acclimatised to her surroundings. Next year I am certain she will be up and at it with the rest.

Next Camellia ‘Lady Campbell’ (allegedly). I bought this as a gift for OH who said he would like a red camellia. Yes, take another look, not red is she? Perhaps she is just getting acclimatised …..

We still have a few pots and bits and bobs at Peggy’s. Last week I reclaimed this keystone, not a cop but the top of an ornamental archway. I bought it many years ago in Bristol and since then it has accompanied us on our travels. Soon it will find it’s resting place, although I’m not quite sure yet where that will be, but I am sure it will become apparent in the fullness of time.

Daffs are a milestone in the year, a pointer to all good things. These Tete a Tete are the first bulbs I planted in the garden. They make me very happy.

Next a forgotten beauty. A labelless pot (I know call in The Special Forces) has revealed itself to be Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Papageno’, bought last year in a pre-moving flurry of foolishness. I love everything about the pasque flower, its emerging leaves, its wonderful blooms and its cuddlable seed heads.

Finally, the Chanticleer pear is flowering, and very pretty it is too. I still have plans to take the top out, I’m sure it can work without creating an ugly mutant. And there will be plenty of nectar laden blooms left for the early pollinators to feast upon.

That is your lot. Stay well and happy, my friends.

40 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Acclimatised

  1. I’m not sure Anna is particularly red either, but any colour is welcome at this time of year. The wind is starting to increase here now, but at least there was some sunshine briefly this morning.

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  2. I have to confess to digging out an established red camellia when we moved here, couldn’t abide it flowering next to and at the same time as a forsythia (I know, I should have taken out the forsythia, but it’s entangled with numerous other things!). Am sure you won’t make the same mistake. Totally agree that Pulsatilla is lovely all the way through. Hope you’re not getting blown about too much.

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  3. A soggy collection indeed, wish it would settle down to warm calm sunshine, and yes the wind has started here too. Looking forward to seeing shots of your Pulsatilla over the next few weeks.

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  4. I do hope the winds aren’t as bad as the last lot. My garden looks as if someone wandered through with a flame thrower everything is so scorched ☹ You pick up so many interesting artefacts on your travels, can’t wait to see them in their final resting places. You’re going to need a bigger garden 😊

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  5. Well, I’m pleased you have a nice pair (damned Autocorrect won’t give up).we need to sort a lopping date. I’ve got a new Camellia here and it’s just the right red for me. Yours looks a little wrong but, as you say, it could be juvenile flowers. OTOH, the colour of your Anna’s Red is wrong. Are you sure it’s her? Carry on pulling your Atilla🤓. Made me think I have a few here but I can’t find them. I wonder where they have gone.

    (Now crossing fingers as I see, at time of writing, I’m comment 13! 😳

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  6. That pear blossom is so beautiful. What a gorgeous combination of pinks white and green. I hope it didn’t get too windy in the end. There’s been quite a bracing wind here today, but gardening was done anyway. I like the Camelia whether it is Lady Campbell or another one.


  7. Fingers crossed that your pear blossoms won’t be hit by night frosts… No frost expected here for a week but after?…( I will check my pulsatilla tomorrow, thanks ! )


  8. Papageno is a lovely Pasque flower so you have a treat in store. Your pear blossom seems early. More wind? It’s always windy these days, although we got a brief window of loveliness yesterday morning when it forgot to blow. It’s made up for it since.


  9. Lovely photos ❤ Yes I have same plants that said they were one thing but turned out to be something else, particularly with roses!


  10. Beautiful blossom and the keystone is great. Just the sort of thing I would have bought and lugged around for years waiting for the right space. Reds, blues, purples, they are all so variable, don’t these plants know we have preferences!

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