Six on Saturday – Grounded

The beginning of June, and my SoS problems are not what can I include but what not to. Always problems. What will still be looking good next week, or the week after, what needs to be shared before the peak is passed? Even in my new garden things are moving apace. Of course, I am not alone in my happy troubles. Some are winding down, some are winding up, all are over at The Prop’s, take a look if you dare. Shall we shake a leg?

First we have a rather blurry Impatiens stenantha, like all its cousins, it is very happy to at long last have its feet in the ground. I never fail to be charmed by these blooms.

A once named but lost in the mists of time pelargonium has also found its way into one of the borders. Again, it seems happy, although I am not sure how it will fare in a clay soiled winter. Perhaps it will be confined for the wet and windy season.

Onto Rodgersia ‘Heavenly Gill’ which has well and truly made itself at home in the border. Previously struggling in a pot and, however hard I tried to bring it comfort, was miserable and resentful. Now she loves me. And I love her.

I am very pleased with this little corner of the little garden. It looks almost like a proper grown up garden.

On Wednesday we went on a post-Covid trip to the garden centre. I was told “We don’t need any more plants”. Inside I was chortling as I gravely nodded in agreement. As we independently looked up and down the rose aisles I was stopped in my tracks by a lone “Absolutely Fabulous”. Just as I was admiring the glorious blooms, OH called out to me “Come and look at this one”. He had come across the very same rose and was similarly charmed. The result was inevitable. I wish I could say it was our only purchase. I wish I could say it was the largest. I would not lie to you.

Finally, I was thrilled to find this little critter yesterday, a ladybird larvae. Oh yes, and it seems that I have actually, after many years and much disappointment, managed to grow Lilium ‘Susan’. And very lovely she is too. Although a little small. Next year …..

That is your lot. Keep the faith, ’til the next time.

28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Grounded

  1. I too am very satisfied with my Rodgersia, which I had to move last autumn because it didn’t like it. Now the new location seems to suit it and the plant offers me several flower spikes. Your variety seems to be a little bit smaller than mine ( Chocolate Wings).
    Very nice photo of the mini dinosaurs πŸ˜‚! These are very useful

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  2. Oh you do have some beauties, as for Absolutely Fabulous a match made in Heaven with the three of you! Sorry about the pun, I could not keep it in…I’ll leave Heavenly Gill for someone else to maybe suggest that she is OH’s best girl!

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  3. Nowt like a bit of self-love, I guess (your first test this week is to work that out). Congratulations on your first baby in your “new” garden (it’s time for a birthday party). Your third test is to come up with an appropriate explanation for the apparent “click-bait”. (The second is to define the meaning of that term).

    I’m surprised that OH has still not realised that the terms “Garden Centre” and “restraint” do not exist in the same universe. Indeed, he seems to have assumed the role of accomplice. Which avoids arguments.

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  4. “Proper grown up garden”? Does that take some of the fun out of it?
    There are so many impatiens out there that I never met before. I remember that, besides the common bedding busy Lizzie, Impatiens oliveri (which I believe is now Impatiens sodenii) was the only other commonly available species of the genus. Another naturalized species had become a minor weed in San Francisco. I had no idea how many species of Impatiens are popular elsewhere.

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  5. It is all coming along superbly. I know you won’t rest on your laurels but there is so much to enjoy already. ‘Heavenly Gill’ is fantastic and putting my tardy rodgerisa to shame. I think I’ve cracked the code on Mr K’s posts and I am enjoying the unfolding saga!

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