Six on Saturday – Disappointment

I was inspired by Jim’s post last week. “This week I think I’ll do a video” I told The Prof. “show progress in the garden and all that stuff, what do you think?”. He proceeded to wax lyrical on file size and WordPress limits and editing software and I pretended to listen and nodded, in possibly inappropriate places, whilst all the while wondering where there might be a plant sale or if it was nearly pasty time. Yesterday, in the murk, I had a trial attempt with my posh camera. I showed the result to OH, who said it was hardly Quentin Tarrantino, which luckily for all out sakes was not what I was aiming for, and barely Disney, which was somewhat of a disappointment. Unabashed, I attempted to upload my masterpiece, only to be told, in no uncertain terms, that my current doobermeflip did not support video, that I should not get above my station and was to continue posting burry photos whilst pretending it was windy. So I am going to do just that. I am not sulking at all. It seems my film making career is going the same way as my ballet career. And you missed a treat, whatever OH might tell you. Pop over to The Prop and, along with all his mates, he is sure to bring a little Busby Berkeley to the proceedings. Shall we shake a leg?

First we have Geranium pratense ‘Plenum Album’ but I call it Paul’s geranium. A little gem.

Next we have the flowers of Heuchera ‘Brohna’s Mum’. Because it is special to Lady Mantle, it is special to me. It has been shuffled several times already since it was planted out, moved forward as the border has expanded. Has it complained? Not on your Nellie! As you can see, it also has the most amazing scarlet flowers. Another small but beautifully formed fellow.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying seed, or indeed a plant, just because of its name. This is Mangetout ‘Ezeta’s Krombek Blauwschokker’. Go on, try saying it out loud, shout it if you dare!

Every year I attempt to photograph a certain kind of pink of which I am very fond. Every year I am frustrated by the result. This is Salvia ‘Neon’, a feeble representation.

This rose is a cutting from Mr and Mrs Bun in Georgeham. It was rooted in an old milk bottle and caused much laughter in the process. I call it Bobby’s rose, which as long as it is with me, will be what it will be known as.

Finally, Polemonium ‘Purple Rain’, Diascia perfoliata and Geranium ‘Rozanne’, living in perfect harmony.

That is your lot, my lovelies. ‘Til next time.

41 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Disappointment

  1. I chuckled reading about the film. Disappointing that there is no film footage of your garden though! I can’t remember how I linked some to one of my blogs last year – I think it involved uploading it to Youtube and then creating a link to that possibly. I love that planting combination in number 6. I don’t think any of my purple Polemoniums have flowered yet.

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  2. Photographing certain flowers doesn’t do justice to the actual colour… It’s a shame but our eyes are much better! About the Mangetout peas, do they keep the colour when cooked or do they turn green?

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    1. Very nice selection. The heuchera flowers are striking. Salvia “Neon” – even in its “feeble representation” is remarkable – a shade of pink like 80s lipstick, and the flowers are appropriately pouty.

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  3. What a shame about the video, never mind the photos are fine for me, I don’t claim any great photography skills, I just love my garden. Love the mangetout, I didn’t even get past the first word!

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  4. A lovely collection and when I can pronounce a segment or two of that mangetout’s name I might have a handy new expletive 😊

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  5. Yes, let us know of they keep their color, the blauwschokker. I have harvested some of my snow peas (what we call mangetout over here – why, I have no idea, they are peas, but snow? At least mangetout gets across the idea that you eat the whole thing. My stir fry chef promises me a delicious stir fry for dinner tonight! What will you do with yours?

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      1. Good to know! I am glad they stay purple, that’s fun! id you just blanch them or cook them longer? Yes, delicious, thanks! Mandarin Beef but with snow peas added. And spiced up, so not really Mandarin by the time all was said and done.


  6. I was momentarily uplifted at the idea of having been a source of inspiration, brought swiftly back down by it having come to nowt as well as being slightly embarrassed at having a doobermeflip that does support video on account of you the worker supporting me the pensioner to fork out whatever it costs to the good folk of WordPress. Don’t people post videos on YouTube and put links in their blogs? I never did figure that out, hence I gave in and paid up.
    That Heuchera flower is a striking mix of colour and texture; I’ve never managed to keep one alive for more than a few months.

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  7. My commiserations on your tragically short career as a ballet dancer, from a fellow sufferer. When I had to retire at the age of 5 due to being too tired after school, the world lost a bright star. But on to brighter things, the combination in your final photo is beautiful. I often buy a plant just for the name, and I think Ezeta’s Krombek Blauwschokker’ is a brilliant one.

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  8. A nice six. Purely for academic reasons (or academix if you’re a fan of a cartoon Gaul from Roman times*), I fed the name of that eat all pod into Google Translate, which wasn’t certain whether the name was Dutch or Slovenian. However the translation into English was the same and I’m happy to tell you that that name means that the plant is a Krombek Blauwschokker belonging to someone named Ezeta. I’m quite enamoured of “Blauwschokker” and so the nameless one shall be from next week (artistic licence, see, cos a blauws is sorta like a t-shirt and when a seam goes on the side it can lead to a busting out all over situation, as it’s June, and that would be…..). Meanwhile I’ll see if I have a better doobermeflip in the shed. 😎

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  9. Actually, although I have a rule against purchasing bearded iris or anything else that I can find on curbside greenwaste recycle piles, I would purchase the ‘San Jose’ bearded iris if I could find it, just because of the name. It is much easier to pronounce than the name of that mangetout. (Just so you know, the ‘J’ in ‘San Jose’ is supposed to be pronounced as an ‘H’, but we natives pronounce it like a silent French ‘H’. Also, ‘San Jose’ is pronounced as one word, like ‘sanozay’. The ‘o’ is always an ‘o’, NOT an ‘a’!) Why is it ‘mangetout’? Is the entire plant edible? Is that the pea greens that I see in farmers’ markets?

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  10. You got us all excited………then, no film!☹ Pretty colours, as usual, but I dread to think what a better representation of that salvia would be, I would have to go and find my sunglasses to view it!

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