Six on Saturday – Single Track

Today is the day after the day I have been waiting for. That was a blatant lie. Truthfully, it is the day I have been waiting for, but to keep up Six on Saturday appearances I am pretending that it is Saturday and not Friday afternoon. It is a bit like the results show of Strictly Come Dancing. At this very moment, there is a rather nice young man in the garden putting up my greenhouse. He is very nice, polite, hardworking and he has only eaten two of the biscuits I pestered Professor Gadget to remind me to buy on the way home from work. Apparently the man will be going home when he has finished the job. What would I want another man for? I have one already. He has bought me my first ever proper grown-up greenhouse for an impending special birthday. It would be difficult to beat that. Don’t forget to pop over and see what The Prop and his gang are up to, I’m sure it will be worth a trip.

I’ve got a new greenhouse. Sorry to repeat myself, but I am very excited. I’ve got a greenhouse that is not made of plastic and kindly donated by my sponsor. I am chuffed. It is not a posh one, there are no finials or decorative edgings, but it is beautiful. I am smitten. It is all I can think about.

The window opens all on its own and then closes again and it has vents at the back. It is just the right size for the garden and I am already planning how to use it. It has been suggested that I keep it tidy. I will take that suggestion on board and file it. I like to think that a greenhouse is like a handbag, it doesn’t matter how big it is it will get filled. When I was at Cliffe, we had an enormous Edwardian, extremely rickety, glasshouse, with three separate sections. I managed to fill that easily enough. It won’t take long.

Here is one of our sophisticated add-ons. At some point we may get proper water catchers, but for now we have a bucket with a brick in it on one side. I’m thinking “industrial chic”.

OH asked if I had a plug. I did my puzzled face until I realised he wanted it for the ceramic sink that he had placed underneath the other downpipe. Then, with an electric light bulb pulsating out of my head, I rushed into the kitchen. For a couple of weeks I have been saving the wax coating from the Babybel’s that we have a liking for in this house. Does that sound weird? I have been using it to top bamboo canes. It occurred to me it would make the perfect sink stopper-upper. What we had in reserve was a little meagre, so we were forced to eat a couple more to make a perfect seal. I did wonder that if it gets very hot again it might melt away!

The first residents have arrived! A chilli pepper and two aubergines are now in situ. Since this photo a few others have shimmied in, including two manky cacti from the house and the shy to flower brugmansia.

Just in case you have forgotten what it looks like, the final picture is of the greenhouse in all its glory. I can’t wait to get using it. And today, the real today, it is raining. Everything worked out well in the end. I am very, very pleased.

Have a good week, my friends. By the way, did I tell you, I’ve got a new greenhouse!

46 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Single Track

  1. Whoa, Neddy! You’re getting ahead of yourself here! You don’t yet have a greenhouse. It’s going to be your birthday present; until that happy event, it’s still OH’s and he, being the astute businessman he is, could charge you rent until then!

    Alternatively, you could argue that it’s your “non-birthday” present and then pester him for your actual birthday present on the appointed day.

    We know that you have a big butt. May I respectfully suggest that it might be cost-effective to contrive a link between the two gutters and feed into a single smaller butt (at the back side)?

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  2. I’m reminded of my mam mentioning shed really like a man to scratch her back when it’s itchy. My sister agreed that they could go looking for such a man.
    “But how would we get rid of him when he’s finished?, says mam.
    Enjoy your shiny new greenhouse… it looks wonderful.

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  3. I’m happy for you with this new greenhouse: and it looks very good quality and well built. I also notice the chair in front which will allow you to sit down while admiring the chillies , cacti and other aubergines growing!

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  4. Love the vents and the automation, and the shelving. How about digging a really big hole at the side at the back, and sinking in your waterbutt then you would have more gardening space…just a pipe dream! Or drip pipes leading off the tank to the garden, now that is an idea. Happy Birthday and may you find more and more plants to add to your new treasure.

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    1. with mine I was told it was wax in a cylinder that expands and contracts. I think in recent temperatures the wax would be dripping out but no, they still seem to be working! Perhaps it is witchcraft!

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  5. Congratulations and most well deserved whatever the occasion. Enjoy, is there space for a small chair (contrary to JohnK’s comment you do not have a big butt) for you to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy it from the inside?

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    1. I bought both milk chocolate digestives and shortbread, although, after my initial rejection on the biscuit front, I only offered him the choccie ones. They were safe choices, I should have gone down the hobnob route. He must have thought me very unadventurous, but at the same time I didn’t want to appear too outrageous with Tesco’s Salted Caramel and Pecan. Tricky.

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  6. WOW! That is RAD! It is even more rad than the last two of my six! Hey, mine were supposed to be the raddest this week. Oh well, one does not get a new greenhouse very often, and certainly not one as posh as this one. It looks to be a well built as older types that are rare nowadays.

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  7. I’m picking up from your post that you have a new greenhouse… I right? When I had my first one, I sat inside and looked out. Silly me, you, obviously, sit outside and look in.🙄 Anyway, do enjoy it and Happy Birthday, 🎂, whenever that may be.

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