The Heavenly Pet Show

Hands in the air, who needs cheering up? I thought as much, me too. Shall we indulge ourselves?

Welcome to The Heavenly Pet Show. It is heavenly, not because they are all in heaven, although admittedly several are, it is heavenly because it is my show and I make the rules. And of course they are all supremely heavenly creatures. Over the years, many of my clients have had canine and feline friends who have “helped” me do my job and given me great joy in the process. In fact having an animal distraction is a plus point, big tick, gold star, during the interview. Wouldn’t it be great to get them all together and indulge in a little virtual Crufts/Catty Equivalent? Yes, let’s do it. I have no favourites, I loved and love them all the same, but that is not to say they were similar.

First we have the wonder that was Josh. Now sadly passed over to the beach in the sky, he was a champion in many disciplines including making friends with burglars and deer alike, giving his ball to other dogs and running away from cats. He was a self confessed beta male. Most days he would sneak away from home and visit me for morning garden tours and stray stick collection. Moments that will grace my days ’til the memories fade. He won best in show at the Dog’s Trust Show even though he was up against a puppy and a 3-legged staffie. That’s how good he was.

The first cat in the parade is the wonderful, King of the Withering Look, Wills. He was the proud owner of Lord and Lady Mantle. He would occasionally deign to allow me to get quite close and even to stroke him on high days and holidays. Crunching mice a few meters away from where I was working was a specialty.

Next, Bobby, another who has passed over. She was an escape artist, chicken watcher, cucumber thief and the most adorable of girls. Never have I been greeted in such an exuberant manner, flying through the air, running crazy garden circles then sticking her head through the gate in glee. I started my working day with a broad smile and a bolstered heart. Happiness in doggy form.

Max was very special to me and we spent many hours together gardening and chasing seagulls. I’ll leave it to you to pick who did what. Champion of all things stick, back rolling and tail wagging.

Pickle might be the smallest of the pack, but what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in personality. A joy indeed. Her specialities include tennis balls, which she never gives up voluntarily, and porridge.

The first time I saw Zeus he was lying behind the glass front door of his human’s house. I rang the door bell and he sat looking at me, he didn’t move, he didn’t make a sound. “Shouldn’t you be telling someone I’m here?” I eventually asked. His eyes replied “But I’m busy watching you.” It conspired that he is, as in all the best fairytales, a gentle giant, fond of a wrestle and barging you out of the way.

We cannot forget Buster. As I arrived at work, he would be watching me out of the window. I would wave gleefully. He would ignore me. He was a gem. I pursued him relentlessly for photo opportunities. Sometimes he had to hide under big green bags. He was The Prof’s faithful sidekick. He is greatly missed.

So there we have it, a few of my furry friends. There are more to come. Did I tell you about the alpacas ……….?

28 thoughts on “The Heavenly Pet Show

  1. Pets are wonderful companions. We no longer have a dog since the sadness of putting down the last one Sid, a large labrador x sheepdog cross, who died in the services of the good of society for he nipped a jogger who passed the front gate in the bum. I was ever so proud of him that he shared my attitude to such people but the law was not on our side.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, what a charming show it is. I missed our black cat Hamlet, part of our lives for 16 years, when I read about the cats. A Great Dane and a Rottweiler have moved in next door to us. The Great Dane barks at us and lots of other things. We’ve tried to make friends, to no avail.

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