19 thoughts on “Tree Follow – Tree Unfollow

  1. I love old trees or shrubs with an old gnarled trunk and tangled stems. I would love to hear the tales that they could tell.

    It seems a bit sad that you will not be able to access it any more. Don’t be so sure about it not missing you (have you seen the new film “Guardians of the Galaxy”? I saw it on Saturday evening with my son and all I can say is google “I am Groot”)


      1. Groot is cool.

        If you like big film adaptions of Marvel Comics and DC Comics films like Iron Man, Captain America, etc. then GotG will be right up your street. I found the first 30 minutes a bit meh, but once I got into the characters I really enjoyed it.


  2. Makes me think of the Whomping Willow at Hogwarts!
    And you’ll always have the photos to remind you of this magical medlar.


  3. It is a lovely tree, I am sure you will miss it And I was looking forward to hearing about your bletting the fruit.. It is a pity you won’ t get to blett.


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