Swotty Neighbours

P1020505 (2)I seem to make a habit of living next door to, working with and/or being friends with a progression of smartypants.  You know the sort “Did I show you the proton reactor I knocked up this afternoon?”, “Must rush, the Dalai Lama is popping by for a cup of tea and some advice”, “Of course that was before I played Ophelia to Gielgud’s Hamlet” and “Would you like to see the model vegetable garden that I created in just a few weeks?”.  This final quote refers to a gentleman who has grown some impressive monster (certainly not monstrous) specimens in his recently constructed raised beds – cartoon carrots, fantastic fennel, lettuce leviathans, squashes like small landing craft, it is like a scene from Land of the Giants.  Annoyingly they are also delicious, no bland beans or cannon ball beets here!  I cannot help thinking there may be witchcraft involved, I have heard tell that a large hound with shining red eyes and a deathly howl has been roaming the area ……

ps This is one of his artichokes which are so prolific he has allowed it to flower.  I rest my case.

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