P1020584 (2)Although I haven’t undertaken a controlled scientific survey, my initial observations would suggest that those who visit gardens are generally of a “type”.  These fine folk are generally middle aged and above, sometimes coast path walkers or family groups complete with sulking teenagers.  Anyone under thirty is rare, except under duress (see sulking youths).  There are complex reasons for this anomaly.  Some are understandable, retired folk have more time, and some more unfortunate, gardens are often perceived as not places for the young and trendy.  As my philosophy in life is inclusion not exclusion I was pleased to see this couple in the garden today.  The rewards of horticulture should not be confined to a certain demographic.  Share the love. Whether they just wandered in on a whim or took a wrong turn, I don’t care.  All that matters is they arrived and they took photos and they said nice things, just like many other visitors.  I’m not sure which particular tribe this couple belong to, if any at all, perhaps they would like to join mine.  The Edge Tribe, we are a diverse lot, but jewels each and every one.

11 thoughts on “Tribe

  1. That’s a good one! I thought that it may be a ‘Canadian’ disease going around here but it seems to be widespread 🙂 Luckily that the healthy ones can now join The Edge Tribe!

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    • Well spotted! We are not sure which one it is, VIHP (very important horticultural persons) have been unable to name it so we have called it “Booker’s Beauty” in recognition of where it came from. It is surpassing itself this year!


  2. Cool shot Gill!

    There was an article in the gardening section of The Guardian website saying that gardening is now no longer seen as a pastime for the old fuddy duddies. I don’t believe everything I read on that site, but maybe they are speaking some truth this time 😉

    As for The Edge Tribe, well I hope that I am included?

    One day my wee tribe may come and visit you because my Mum and sister live in Petrockstowe and if we ever go down to visit them again I will try and fit in a visit to your garden and meet up with The Edge Tribe’s leader!


  3. I love it! Sort of Lady Gaga meets Status Quo. They look very relaxed and happy to be there. We had all sorts come to our open day, young and old, crazy and sane, but teenagers are the same the world over – sulky! Will we require an interview this week before we are admitted to The Edge Tribe?

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