Araucaria araucana – The Monkey Puzzle Tree

IMG_2363This is the puzzle – how could a monkey climb through these vicious branches without doing himself some serious harm?

Answers of no more than 15 words on a postcard please to:

Mrs Nobody
The Universe

The winner will be notified before the end of time and will be awarded with a great big sloppy smackeroo!

5 thoughts on “Araucaria araucana – The Monkey Puzzle Tree

  1. For ages I thought this was also known as Pirana Pine, a timber I used at school. Then I found that was araucaria angustifolia – close relation. Anyone know if pirana pine grows in the UK?


  2. I learnt this poem as a young child, goodness knows why it has stuck in my memory:
    Twisted old pine tree, I can plainly see
    That you’re just making a face at me.
    You wink one eye and you bend one knee,
    And that’s why I call you the Monkey Puzzle Tree!
    (…………. I’m sure it’s being middle aged that does it)


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