Still Hot

IMG_2491 - CopyToday I have decided that I quite like autumn.  Up until this point I wasn’t quite sure.  For many years summer was my favourite.  Then, as I became more and more embroiled in the quicksand that is horticulture, spring became my No. 1.   Something about the feel of things today made me question my preferences, I was softening to the prospect of windscreen wiping mornings, to the soft light and gentle breezes, to the winding down and hunkering up.  In the past I have seen autumn purely as winter’s herald, the forerunner of dark and dismal.  And then today an epiphany.  It is Lauren Bacall, it is Helen Mirren, not trying to be virginal spring or gaudy summer but celebrating itself, mature and majestic.

The Hot Garden at RHS Rosemoor bides its time until early autumn to put on its best performance.  It certainly is worth waiting for.

7 thoughts on “Still Hot

  1. Lauren Bacall, Helen Mirren–haha. Very well put. I love the seasons, the cycle of the year. Autumn always feels like a new beginning–memories of school years starting, I guess.


  2. I thought that was a familiar sight, we have visited the Rosemoor hot garden a couple of times, it is beautiful. I am still at the drag my heels winter is looming frame of mind, I like your way of thinking more!


  3. A great post Cathy. I love Autumn and I think we should celebrate it. It is a beautiful season but I hate the thought of winter to come. Dark, dismal, cold- it is hard to love it if you enjoy being outdoors.


  4. Had me fooled there Chloris….I thought I was on a different blog then….
    Anyway Gill or whatever your name is ……I love autumn and yes it’s a winding down time but it’s also a planning time, time to rectify all those mistakes I’ve made all year. 🙂


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