Guest Photographer – Under Your Nose

10431342_971444602881640_1286779487830289299_oNepotism is such a maligned word.  The fact that these incredible photographs were taken by my brother is inconsequential.  To capture these images he undertook a long and arduous journey off the settee, out of the back door and into his garden, I would imagine that a packed lunch was involved.  And he hunts for creatures.  And then he takes these wonderful shots.

Some are classically beautiful ….

10551424_971379796221454_8696510157862865225_o (1)Some less so…..

10623538_971444609548306_8154420475653055440_oA few are on the macabre side …..

CocoonWith the odd cuddly critter ….

furThe familiar……

ladybirdAnd the downright bizarre …

longAll out there and many more, right under our noses.  Each and everyone is part of the ecosystem, doing their jobs to keep things in balance.   Most of us are unaware of their existence and more importantly pollute and destroy their habitats.  We should perhaps take time to look a little closer when we go out into our gardens.  It may give us a new perspective!

At the risk of being irritating, but after all what else is a sister for, I would just like to point out that I am starting a petition for a Under Your Nose blog.  All those in favour say “Aye!”

17 thoughts on “Guest Photographer – Under Your Nose

  1. If it was the settee in the potting shed he probably didn’t even need to get up! Some super pictures, but I bet they weren’t done with the camera in his ‘phone! Is that a Shield Beetle in image No 2?


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