Hygrocybe calyptriformis- Pink Waxcap

P1020789 (2)My knowledge of mushrooms is limited to fry ups and risottos.  Apparently it has been a good year for the edibles but I am far too cowardly to pick my own.  This combination of ignorance and cowardice has kept me alive so far.  My poor fungal education does not prevent me from appreciating their beauty and today there were a fine assortment on the bottom lawn.  These ranged from deepest red through additive orange and custard yellow to this palest pink waxcap.  It is also known as The Ballerina and I am undecided as to whether it is a thing of beauty or would suit a supporting role in a horror film/sci fi movie.

I am hoping my identification is accurate, if any ballerinas out there are offended at my incorrect designation please forgive me and refer back to above “my knowledge of fungi is limited …”

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