Its Good to Share

P1030130 (2)As I am afflicted with an extreme case of nosy-itis it is impossible for me to refrain from examining other people’s front gardens when I am dawdling down the road.  More often than not there is something interesting to spy on, all visible from the street without having to resort to stalker status and causing them to release the dogs.  Sometimes I am intrigued by unusual colour schemes or planting combinations.  Sometimes a mystery plant gets me wondering or a special specimen gains my admiration.  Sometimes I am disappointed by neglect or excessive hard landscaping.  The front garden as a forum to show off your gardening prowess has diminished in recent years.  They are being converted into hard standings for cars or are so “low maintenance” that it would be stretching the parameters to call it a garden anymore.  This saddens me.  It has been proved that paving over your front garden exacerbates urban flooding, this is due to the decrease in soak-away and resultant increase in run-off.  More than this, any reprieve from harsh tarmac and concrete will surely only improve our environment aesthetically.   Not only for ourselves but our neighbours and the curious creatures that walk past your home.

This autumn flowering camellia with its downward facing pink flushed blooms came in both the “mystery plant” and “special specimen” categories.

14 thoughts on “Its Good to Share

  1. Gill, we think the same way! I keeping meaning to do a photo exposé of the worst front ‘gardens’ I come across. They make my heart sink. And it’s not just normal dwellings that are at fault, some of the poshest houses in Broadstairs have frontages that look more like Sainsbury’s car park than a garden. Where has all that pride gone? Must be into the ranks of status cars that are immodestly parked outside. See, you’ve started me off now! Nice camellia by the way. A sasanqua?

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  2. I am like you and incurably nosy. I am with you about all those front gardens being converted into car parks. Awful! But then you come across ones that are clearly loved and planted by keen gardeners. I always want to knock on the door and say ‘ How lovely, and may I see the back please?’
    What a gorgeous Camellia.’

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  3. Stunning Camellia! If the competition ‘don’t name but shame’ will be open for all participants, I’m afraid I’ll be the winner, and with considerable advance…


  4. Hear, hear, down with paving! One of my all-time favourite activities is walking through neighbourhoods and peering at the gardens. I can remember taking pleasure in this sort of ambling 40-odd years ago.


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