Have you seen the Muffin Man?

P1030160 (3)Today was my last day at Cliffe.  As expected it was heady mix of tears and treats, fun and goodbyes.  We toured the garden and discussed the occupants, we drank coffee and discussed the good times.  We talked about the future and reminisced about the past.  Returning to the Potting Shed after lunch at Hero’s house we discovered a plastic container on the doorstep.  Within this mysterious container were definitely (not probably) the best muffins in the whole wide world.  After a long debate as to where these scrumptious cakes could have come from, Hero, as clever as ever, suggested the clue might lie within and we should eat every one to find the answer.  This was either an ingenious act of martydom or a cunning plan towards gluttony, not really sure.  After some intensive detective work the perpetrator was discovered and TT was found guilty on all charges.  What a star and a reminder of not only the amazing people I have worked with over the last 8 years but also the many wonderful people I have met because of the garden.  Proof that there are enough good guys out there to kick the bad ones into touch.  Hopefully I have told the ones that matter what I feel about them.  If not, forgive me, I always meant to.

So the disco balls were packed up and I climbed the hill to give the medlar one last hug and a few words of farewell.  It has been good, very good.  Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Have you seen the Muffin Man?

  1. Whatever the weather, you always made me feel sunny when I came to visit. You will be deeply missed. Hope the disco ball finds a worthy home and that your adventures continue to delight us with as much humour and pathos as they have so far. And you know where I am if you ever need some Medlar lovin’. Or some yummy cakes (or indeed – cheese scones!). Love and fairy-dust!


  2. One of my mottos – ‘As one door closes, another will open’. All good wishes for whatever awaits you through the new door and I hope it includes cakes and muffins and making new friends. Thank you for your welcome and generosity while you were at Cliffe, so much appreciated.


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