P1030195 (2) I’ve been snooping again.  In truth I rarely stop.  On reflection perhaps the word “snooping” is a little harsh.  The word might roll deliciously off the tongue like a cough candy twist but it also suggests activities that may well be of interest to the local constabulary.  I will try again.

I have been showing a notable interest in the indigenous population of my community and studying their horticultural activities in the immediate environs of their dwellings.  Actually …

I have been snooping into other peoples’ gardens again.

This particular front garden announces itself from afar.   Bold and defiant, it is a dahlia lovers dream.  If you don’t like dahlias grown en masse, then hard luck.  No nampy pampy single flowered or delicate species here, just “read ’em and weep” ornamentals.   Cactus, waterlily, decorative, all here in their understated glory, proud and unabashed.  Not for everyone I am sure, but personally, I love it.  All Power to the Dahlia!

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