Last Admiral Standing

P1030235 (2)Goats cheese and aubergine, pheasant and lentils, pear and almond, coffee and truffle.  Another magnificent lunch at Broomhill Art Hotel near Barnstaple.  The food they serve is, as far as possible, sourced locally.  They create their own charcuterie from free range meat and grow vegetables and salad on site.  All these factors add up to a friendly, welcoming gastro-treat.   They are advocates of the Slow Food Movement, in contrast we are followers of the Eat Quick Society.  We do make a special effort (as they have proper tablecloths and napkins) and try to come up for breath at least once between courses.  After a relaxing and delicious meal, we staggered outside into the golden autumnal afternoon and agreed it would be remiss not to have at least a cursory look around the sculpture garden.  This in itself was a feat of great endurance as we could barely walk.    It was the perfect digestif, reacquainting ourselves with some old friends and meeting some new exhibits.  This tatty red admiral butterfly, who had apparently been in the wars, was finding the low sun and scent of mahonia irresistable.  I hope he enjoyed his Sunday lunch as much as we did.

13 thoughts on “Last Admiral Standing

  1. I am so envious! The weather in Broadstairs this weekend has been foul, so I spent most of today wet through. We are now enduring a hideous return journey to London courtesy of Southeastern which has involved a bus (which got lost) and three trains. Can I come for lunch with you next time?

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  2. Broomhill has been on our wish list for ages – we will definitely make an effort to get there sometime soon. As for butterflies, they have stymied my efforts to clean out part of our old barn, they are happily hanging from the boards in droves in the warmest spot. I will leave them in peace for the winter.

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  3. Such a lovely day; the mahonia will brighten my day here! (after lots of snow now it’s raining). The poor admiral looks like it’s been through a lot 😉


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