IMG_3017 (2)Another day, another adversary.  This time I came across an old foe, Houttuynia cordata or the heart leaved Houttynia.  If I was Sherlock Holmes it would be my Moriarty. It is an awkward customer from the start, having an unpronounceable name (for me and I have tried honest), I prefer to call it “that darned rootin tootin nightmare”.   If this alone wasn’t enough, the way it invades the borders makes Attila the Hun appear lacking in ambition.  So today involved more digging and rooting around like a truffle pig (although I believe they use dogs nowadays but I mustn’t get diverted) in an attempt to remove all the brittle and extensive rhizomes.  Of course they will all pop up again in the spring and the lovely Lavinia will wonder exactly what have I been up to!

The photo above is of a well behaved, non invasive, darkly beautiful penstemon.  Teacher’s Pet of the Day.

12 thoughts on “Adversary

  1. I’m not a big lover of Houttuynia either but we have it at Sissinghurst where it is used on the steep bank of the Moat Walk to stabilise the soil and prevent it from slipping downwards. This has been reasonably successful so it has its uses. Helen


  2. I don’t know Houttuynia and it sounds like that’s a good thing. I just looked it up and learned that it smells like raw fish (is this true?) and is used as a health food in China.

    On the other hand, Teacher’s Pet is gorgeous!


  3. Okay, I’m overwhelmed with the idea that HOUTTUYNIA (I can’t bring myself to say the words). that anyone in there right mind would consider planting this nightmare, daymare. I’ve been battling this scourge for more years that I can mention and I find myself fearing the new spring season. It’s only December here in the States and I get the chills thinking about the battle I must wage against IT.

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