Tree Following – The New Recruit

P1030451After much deliberation I have chosen a new tree to follow.   For those of you who aren’t acquainted with Tree Following and think I am having another one of my funny turns, I will explain.  This is a wonderful meme, institaged by Lucy at, and entails following a tree throughout the year, or for as long as possible, and documenting the detail.  Actually it is more of a tree watch than a follow as on the whole they don’t move far, not unless yours lives in the Enchanted Forest.  Anyway check out Lucy’s great blog and I am sure all will become clear.

So *drumroll* *annoyingly overlong pause* please meet Larix decidua, the European Larch, my new subject.  From now on it will be known as “my tree” although technically it isn’t.  Actually in no way or form is it mine but I am hoping that George wont mind sharing.

I hestitated to pick this tree for the sole reason that its owner isn’t keen on larch (I believe this is more to do with the amount of specimens on their land than a personal vendetta) so I thought it would be contrary to spend the next year singing its praises.  Ultimately the “fors” far outweighed the “againsts” so I am going to take up the challenge and make it my quest to convert Mrs George to the charms of this amazing deciduous conifer.

Here we go again ……


17 thoughts on “Tree Following – The New Recruit

  1. A wonderful picture, and I like the way the tree leans towards the fence. I look forward to following your posts about it.
    I’ve yet to chose my tree for this year, although it may possibly be a plot neighbour’s fig.
    Happy tree following! xx


  2. That’s a lovely bit of landscape–quite painterly. I got to see and love the larch trees on my first trip to Scotland. It was October, I think. The weather was bright and the colours were delightful.


  3. Know what you mean about deliberating on which tree to choose – I’ve been meaning to join in this tree-following lark since I heard about it (around 6 months ago) but still haven’t decided! Have fun 🙂


  4. I can’t wait to read your posts! It’s a lovely tree. I don’t think the larch of any kind is a Texas thing, though I’m sure there are larch species in North America. Isn’t’ the tree following fun?


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