Postcard from Home

This post is for L&L ensconced in an exotic paradise.  I am convinced they are not missing us at all and so need to be reminded of all the wonderful things they are missing in Blighty.  Reclining on beachside loungers sipping pina coladas, paragliding off forested mountainsides, swimming with dolphins in the balmy waters, hiking through virgin rainforest, feasting on lobster and kumquat; it may just cross their minds not to bother coming home at all.  Why, it is hard to imagine. I am depending on some pictures I took of their garden to say thousands of words, all of them tempting and tantalising.

Although there are many open flowers on this Camellia “Donation” it was a bud, doing a fine impression of a rose, that took my fancy.  So perfect, like a kiss.

P1030565The irresistable pansy with a face that could melt the heart of the hardest cynic.

P1030559 - CopyA host of daffodils is over rated.  A single, admittedly battered, bloom is all you need.

P1030564And my trump card, an adorable little hellebore, flushed with pink and green.

P1030554 - CopySo glad you are having a lovely time, but you better come home soon the garden is waking up!

ps Nobody on any account is to mention the weather.

7 thoughts on “Postcard from Home

  1. Just for a moment I thought you were under the misapprehension that there had been a mass exodus of the entire population of Lee & Lincombe (L&L) to sunnier climes. Just in case anyone is wondering, at least some of us are still here enjoying beautiful sunny weather (some of the time…)


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