Just Try and Stop Me!

P1030629Seeds want to germinate, that is what they are designed to do, it is their raison d’être, their goal in life, their purpose.  There are not many decisions to be made in a seed’s life, it must either germinate or not germinate, just the two options and the first is preferable.  There is, I suppose, another option which is “provide a healthy snack” and that is exactly what this little grain was destined to do.  Somehow, undoubtedly with great derring-do, it managed to escape captivity (like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape but without the motorbike and with success).  This new-found freedom from the feeder inspired it to attempt the prime objective, and it triumphed.  The fresh green shoot pushing up through the boards of L&L’s bird table must be jubilant.  We will not dwell on its future, we must live in the moment.

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