Hail Hurts and other lessons

P1030576Things I have learnt in the last week:

1.  Longjohns are my new best friend, with my thermal vest a close runner up.
2.  A good hat which doesn’t obscure vision or fall off and cosily covers the ears is imperative.
3.  When the aforementioned hat falls into a muddy puddle and is put on the wing mirror to dry, do not forget to remove it before you drive home.   First Reserve has been called out of retirement.  I hope someone nice has a new hat that doesn’t obscure their vision ….
4.  Fingerless gloves work even though this seems against all laws of nature.
5.  Working in the close vicinity of evil roses can result in peek-a-boo seat of the pants, luckily my dignity was retained due to “new best friend” above.
6.  If you remember to pack two sets of waterproofs, extra fleeces, gloves and hats the weather will instantly turn unseasonably warm and dry.  Do not become complacent, the next day it will all change to seasonably cold and wet.
6.  Hail really does hurt!

7 thoughts on “Hail Hurts and other lessons

  1. I’m struck again by the apparent similarity between your climate and ours. I’ve experienced winter days when sunshine was immediately followed by hail (yes, it does hurt!) and then by rain and then by sunshine again. Glad you’ve got your fingerless gloves! Is there such a thing as fingerless work gloves?


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