Pixies, Persians and Previews

IMG_3251 (2)The Persian Ironwood, Parrotia persica, is one of my favourite trees (although there are quite a few that fall into this category) and was in fine flower this week at Marwood Hill Gardens.  We were lucky enough to be able to sneak a peak before the garden opens officially in March.  There is something very special about wandering around such a beautiful place knowing that you are alone.  Of course the little pixies who work so hard to keep it looking good were there as well, but they sensibly ducked into the shrubbery when we were in close vicinity.  So shy and unassuming!

5 thoughts on “Pixies, Persians and Previews

  1. We saw one in flower at Rosemoor today, Saturday, looking beautiful in the sunshine between the showers. I recognised it having seen this blog, educational again, Gill.


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