The First Rose

Primula (2)The day has been blustery and unstable, veering from sun to hail to sleet like a out of control shopping trolley.  Luckily it was not a gardening day, it was a writing day.  I have been writing about medicinal plants.  So what do you want to know?  Sea buckthorn fruit is good for burns and was used extensively to treat the victims of Chernobyl.  Monarda is good for excessive flatulence.  The epithet “officinalis” was used by Carl Linneaus to denote a plant used medicinally.  Galantamine hydrobromide is a chemical found in narcissus bulbs and is used to treat Alzheimer’s.  Primrose flowers can be made into wine.  What do you mean?  Wine is medicine!

10 thoughts on “The First Rose

  1. Wine is medicine indeed (in moderate quantity 😉 It’s amazing how many fruits and flowers have been used to ‘concoct’ the magic elixir; I didn’t know about primroses!


  2. I wouldn’t waste my lovely primroses on wine, I ‘ ll stick to grapes. I’ m sure wine is very good for you, I take it, medicinally of course. All those antioxidants.


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