Love and Strength

IMG_0102 (4)Sometimes very bad things happen to very good people.  In the last few weeks tragedy has visited  two special friends.  More than anything I want to make things right, but I can’t.  I want to extinguish their scalding pain and replace it with the warmth of hope.  I want to mend their crushed hearts and to salve their savaged souls.   I want to syphon away their anguish and let them sleep the sleep of the content.  I want to show them that there is goodness in this cruel world.  Without delay; it cannot happen soon enough.  But I don’t have these powers, all I have is impotence and frustration.  So I do what little I can.  I send them love and strength.  And I offer them a picture of starlings murmuring in the sunset.

11 thoughts on “Love and Strength

  1. Sending love and strength to friends is a wonderful way to help them through their troubles. It is much appreciated. I hope things work out ok for all involved.


  2. That’s all you need when bad luck strikes – your friend’s love and warm thoughts…
    Superb image!


  3. (Still catching up…). It’s been that kind of winter/early spring for me, too. Deaths, disorders and declines. Sigh. It does help to lift up your head and see the amazing life of the sky. Thanks.


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