IMG_0155 (2)Today I was mesmerised by the sight of tadpoles, warmed by the spring sun, wiggle their way out of their jelly gaols.  This was their first fight, the struggle to escape their bounds.  There will be many more battles and few will live to maturity.  To watch this spectacle was incredible, a first for me and I was absolutely thrilled.  Perhaps I should get out more.

10 thoughts on “Life

  1. “Jelly gaols”? I can see why you were thrilled. It seems to me that I saw a lot more of these sorts of events when I was a child. I had more time and inclination and I was closer to the ground!


  2. Fascinating to watch I guess! I suppose natural selection has to play a role somehow in case of
    such large progeny 😉 otherwise it would be trouble…

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